A large number of “Expats” obviously lack appropriate healthcare insurance cover.The government plan of their home country insurance might have ended when they left, and, in case of the advanced age of retirees, the premiums of the healthcare plans available abroad don’t cope with the budget of the disposable pension.

Who, by the mere reason of economy, refrains from healthcare insurance cover, should be aware of the fact that, in case of an emergency, immediate medical attendance shall only be provided when the funds to clear the expected hospital bills are available. The rescue squad of a private operator might refuse to take any action when you are unconscious and lying in the ditch, if they don’t find any insurance card in your wallet…

The five insurance solutions chosen by SwissInsurance are strictly tailored to the needs of Expats: From the low-cost “Emergency Plus”-Plan to the fully comprehensive “Executive”-Plan, you enjoy the best value of your money.

Membership has to be applied before the age of 75. The Policy shall be subject to renewal for lifetime. Claims do not entail an increase of the premium or the denial of renewal of the Policy.

See the benefits overview of the various plans and check the premium with the instant premium calculator on this website.


Murphy’s law teaches us, that if anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inappropriate moment...