Important information for Swiss Emigrants

In principle, the Federal Law on Health Insurance holds that health insurance is solely mandatory for those living in Switzerland. Thus, emigrating to a state beyond the EU/EFTA, it is no longer possible to remain in the compulsory basic health insurance scheme (except as an employee of a Swiss firm sent for a mission abroad). 

The health insurance funds do have the possibility however (but not the obligation) to provide health insurance proposals for Swiss abroad. If the insurance company does offer such a type of product, the insurance thus concluded stands as a private insurance. 

We recommend that you get in touch directly with your insurance company to ask if it does offer the possibility of health insurance abroad. If this were not the case, we can suggest some useful addresses of companies who propose an international health insurance. 

If you have a supplementary insurance and envisage returning to Switzerland later, we advise you to ask your insurance whether you may suspend this insurance to enable you to resume insurance cover when you return to Switzerland on the same conditions as prior to your departure. 

You may also seek information about the possibilities of insurance and benefits in your country of residence. 

Information sheet on private international insurances

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