our communication policies

Omnipresent information, whether useful or not, puts strain on our and your business and private lives.

Although we feel committed to duly inform our present (and prospective) customers about news and changes which may affect their health insurance sphere, we therefore consistently refrain from mailings, newsletters and similar. In stead, we often actualize the news section of our website. Please bookmark the menu NEWS of our website in your browser and visit us regularly, in order to keep yourself informed.

Languages of conversation and correspondence

The policies of HealthCare International, distributed by SIO SwissInsuranceOnline GmbH, are displayed worldwide. Priority is, however, given to the English language, being the leading communication language for companies and organisations with an international approach.

written and oral: English

WITH SWISSINSURANCE (customer administration office in Thailand),
written: English (for general purposes and routine business); German and French possible (to support the customers when completing the application form or in order to clarify the underwriting decision, exclusions, limitations, medical conditions)
oral: English; German and French possible by prior arrangement

WITH SIO SWISSINSURANCEONLINE GmbH (company administration and domicile in Switzerland, calls and mails will be forwarded)
written: English, German, French
oral: English, German, French (only for general purpose, the policy administration is outsourced to Thailand; please consider the time zones)

IN EMERGENCY CASES (access by the emergency telephone and fax numbers on your member card),
English, other languages depending upon the capabilites of the staff in duty.