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Healthcare International’s OA-VISA Insurance Plan

"We at Healthcare International have been providing expatriate healthcare for over 25 years. We are pleased to confirm that our PLUS PLAN expat medical insurance policy meets the mandatory requirements needed for your OA Visa Application."



SIO SwissInsuranceOnline GmbH have dislocated. Their legal domicile is now in 3270 Aarberg BE (Switzerland). The Policy administration and customer service remain, however, in Thailand.


We have, with immediate effect, switched to "home-office". Please note our new contact details (scroll to the bottom line and click on "Location")  9th March 2020




Songkhran - Thai New Year's festivities 12th April 2018

our Office in Thailand will be only temporarily occupied from 12th - April 2018. Telephone calls will be diverted but answered during this week. We thank you for your comprehension and consideration.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year - and many thanks for your confidence. - Our office in Thailand might not be available temporarily from 23th December 2017 - 2nd January 2018. We thank you for your comprehension.


Songkhran / Thai New Year festivities

15. April 2015

Our office in Thailand might not be available temporarily from 13th - 19th April 2015 and correspondence delayed. We thank you for your comprehension. 

New website of HealthCare International ("HCI")

18. July 2014

we are adapting our website to the features and appearence of  HCI's new webpage. Please apologize for any inconveniences that may occur and don't hesitate to contact us - - when you need help or further information.

Songkhran / Thai New Year festivities

2. April 2014

Our office in Thailand might not be available temporarily from 14th - 18th April 2014. We thank you for your comprehension. 

Christmas / New Year festivities 28. December.2013

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year - and many thanks for your confidence. - Our office in Thailand might not be available temporarily from 25th December 2013 - 5th January 2014. We thank you for your comprehension.

Songkhran / Thai New Year festivities

10. April 2013

Our office in Thailand might not be available temporarily from 12th - 21st April 2013. We thank you for your comprehension.

improved shape of the NEWS section

10. Feb. 2013

from now on, all of the NEWS will be dated.

Customer contacts

we would like to advise our actual and prospective customers of the fact that customer contacts may only be established by the contact form of the website, by e-mail or by telephone calls to our outsourced administration office in Thailand. Our office in Bern (Switzerland) merely serves as the company's management and domicile, individual customer consulting is excluded there.

Not so good news concerning the recently announced App for the i-phone

we just received the notice from HealthCare International that the App does not yet work as expected. We are sorry for our prematurated announcment and will get back to the matter later when it will work appropriately.  

Holiday leaves Christmas and New Year 2013

Our offices will be closed from 23rd December 2012 until 6th January 2013. We thank you for your confidence and wish you a happy and healthy 2013!

Beware of misleading and bogus information by unqualified hospital staff

we record an increasing number of complaints by unhappy customers of which the refund of their hospital bills has been declined by the insurer. Such can occur when the customer is hospitalized and his policy does not cover outpatient treatment, as the bills for the follow-ups and administered medication after discharge are not covered by the inpatient benefits. 

It is common practice that a medical provider so far explores the patient's financial capabilities; but there are black sheeps abusing of their knowledge by fobbing their patients off with unnecessary or overpriced treatments and/or medication, and endless loops of follow-ups. Some even unscrupulously sham the bills be refunded by the insurance; in their T/C, however, they ecplicitly state that there will not be any support in insurance matters after the patient's discharge...

Changes in our company registration

As per 26th October 2012, SIO SwissInsuranceOnline GmbH, has dislocated its Swiss domicile from Sarnen OW to Bern BE. You find the new address details using the link on the bottom line of our website.

important clarification regarding the addendum 2012 to policies with start-/renewal date after 1st July 2012

many of our customers residing in Thailand are missing HCI's list of the hospitals network in their country/area, announced to be attached to their insurance documents. HCI has now confirmed: The Bumrungrad Hospital is currently the only hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, where the co-pay will apply for clients receiving/opting for treatment in that facility. This will not apply to any other medical facilities in Thailand; there is no specific list of hospitals where the co-pay will not be administered as this is only applicable for the Bumrungrad Hospital.

good News for i-Phone-owners,

they can now download an App of HealthCare International, giving direct acces to some important information and emergency contacts:

Key Features:

•Click-to-Call Emergency Number, available in an instant with one simple click;
•Medical & Policy details for the member and their dependants stored securely on the device;
•Secure Login functionality, which keeps the member logged in until logout;
•Personal details are editable - once approved the changes will be visible to the member;
•Recent claims history for the member and their dependants can be viewed;
•Details of the member’s cover is accessible;

Changes in the T/C and Policy wording per July 2012

please see the summary of these amendments here.

Yearly adjustment of Premiums and Benefits

HealthCare International has adjusted its Premiums and T/C, effective as per 1st July 2012. While the adaptation of the Premiums remain within the frame of a one digit percentage, the new T/C reveal additional limitations regarding the benefits.  We will upload and publish the adjusted data immediately before they will be put into force.


Now, our new website enables you (under the menu item "useful information / downloads") to read, download and print important documents.

Direct settlement of claims with Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

HealthCare International and Bangkok Pattaya Hospital have reactivated their agreement of direct settlement of claims, with immediate effect. The list of Hospitals in Thailand has already been amended accordingly.

Happy landing...

Our new website is now available. We hope you enjoy it, although there are still some minor bugs (the quality of the German translation of the Application form and a few others).

New Website

as per April 2012, we have redesigned our website. Aside the new look, we have integrated links to our 6 worldwide i-spots, still being under construction. The French language section of the website will be added up later.

SwissLaw has moved

due to the dislocation of SwissLaw Co., Ltd., we had to slightly amend our policy regarding visitors. From now on, visitors are kindly requested to arrange for an appointment by telephone 038 301 167 prior to their visit. 

New legal structure

As per 1st August 2011, SwissInsurance (formerly a unregistered Partnership governed by the Laws of Thailand), was merged into a new legal structure:

"SIO SwissInsuranceOnline GmbH", a newly incepted limited company with  domicile in CH-6060 Sarnen (Switzerland) and duly registered in the Swiss Register of Companies, has taken over all of the assets and liabilities of the former Partnership. The administration of SIO SwissInsuranceOnline GmbH remains outsourced with SwissLaw Co., Ltd. in Thailand and is achieved by its specialized team at the hitherto existing premises (see here).

Change of our Office address

At present, the access point for our actual and prospective customers in Thailand are the premises of SwissLaw Co., Ltd.

As per 14th july 2011, SwissLaw Co., Ltd. will dislocate its legal consulting department. We therefore have to slightly amend our contact data, with effect as per 14th july 2011 (see here)

Premiums 2011

This year, HealthCare International has revised the Premiums effective as per start/renewal dates from 1st July 2011 and later. The general increase amounts to  6,5 % in all of the age bands and applies to the renewals and the new Members as well. The increase in the Premiums can be considered moderate and is significantly lower than in the precedent years. It reflects only a share in the general increase of worldwide medical costs.

If your individual Premium increase should be more than 6,5%, we presume that you simultaneously have moved into the next age band. Please consult the online-premium calculator on this website, it will help you to clarify your case.

New: you find the updated and detailed list of the Provider Network (Clinics and Hospitals) in Thailand on the side bar of our Website

Information from HealthCare International Global Network Ltd.

The present Underwriter of HCI's Health Plans, "Sagicor Life and Capital", has withdrawn from the international HealthCare business. Therefore, HealthCare International has committed new Underwriters, i.e. ColinaImperial, a subsidiary of Colina Holdings Bahamas Ltd, and National Life Insurance Company (NLIC), a member company of Optimum Group, USA. These Companies are endowed with large financial reserves and rated "A" (excellent) by the most reputed worldwide Rating Agency for Insurers, A.M. Best. This will guarantee the continued financial security for our clients.

Update of the Insurance Plans for Policies starting 1st September 2009 or later

The Plans concerning the first applications or renewals of Policies with start date from 1st September 2009 or later have been subject to various minor amendments, mainly improving your benefits. On the other hand, concerning the Premium and the Executive Plans, HealthCare International has introduced yearly maxima for prescribed drugs. The summary of the various Plan's benefits shown on our website have been adjusted accordingly.

New e-mail-Address: